Thursday, May 8, 2008

.... TM Block Google Access

Due to kecermerlangan, kegemilangan dan keterbilangan result on recently colorful and powderful election result, our goverment suka-suka hati start blamming our multi media supercorridor internet free of speech as main culprit to their "BIG WIN".

Ironman-ically the same multimedia supercorridor our goverment spend billions in and hoo haa over the year sudah backfire them.

Bloggers these days can free free hantam sama Pak Lah and his crews, hiding behind INTERNET WITH NO BOUNDRY and FREEDOOM OF SPEACH tickets, turn out no more freedom for some blogger and the only boundry soon in is within stinky police lokap, behind bar .... sekali kena skuad in nude... in Youtube.

So our MSC govmen decided to block access to No 1, search engine, so that people cannot search for some sayap kiri punya blogs.


There's a new more powderful search engine than Google, and it really work.

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