Monday, May 12, 2008

KL-Putrajaya Highway Dilemma: To enter or not to enter??

Most of frequent KL-Putrajaya Highway users know motorcycles are banned from using that highway ... bukan saya cakap punya ... Samy Vellu cakap punya.

Samy Vellu cakap, road not wide enough. Hati dalam said, muka padan juga itu biker, no pay toll no enjoy toll jugak. Anyway, what do I care? I drive to work.... make my driving easier without to watch left right and back from deadly incoming rempit missile.

Anyway itu old story. Funny thing is, ok... no entry signboard for motorcycles are on every entry, but if you notice, they also provide toll lane for motorcycles to pass thru without ramping the toll gate barrier.

How is that possible? for mata-mata gelap maybe... but still many other highways are without motocycle lane.... LDP ? ELITE ? KL-SEREMBAN ? PLUS ? GRIK - JELI ? KARAK ? GOMBAK-KUANTAN ? KLANG UTARA ?

Is Federal Highway is the only one got motorcycle lane?

And how about LDP Bikers on ugly green thing they call bike using FLYOVER which is clearly NO ENTRY for bikers. Seem LDP actually remove all No entry sign for bikers on all their flyover.

Dirty trick !!