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Dororo : 2007 Worth watching movie repeatly 10x

If you like


and SAMURAI-X'll enjoy this movie very much.

Main Characters :

A young samurai dude resembling Himura Kenshin both physical appearance and samurai skilled. Ironically after a fight with his father, he received a "X" scar on forehead similar to one Kenshin had on his cheek. While he was portrayed as skill samurai as Kenshin, he is in fact immortal, or at least until he got back his heart. Immortality and body regenerating ability remind us to Inuyasha.

In fact Hyakkimaru carries a superatural sword made to vanish demon. Mmmnnn.... Inuyasha supernatural sword called Tetsusaiga and Kenshin "Sakabato" Reverse-blade sword.

"Behind every great man is a great woman"

Hyakkimaru ... Dororo a tomboy thief with own dark history.

Inuyasha ... Kagome a future reincarnation of Kikyo, Inuyasha late sweetheart.

Kenshin ... Kamiya Kaoru a kendo champ inherited Kendo school from late father.

Bad Guys

Kagemitsu Daigo ... a warlord, a bad father, a wife killer

Demons ... spide'dmon, eagle'dmon, wolf'dmon, butterfly'dmon, maggot'dmon, tree'dmon, and many other CGI demon.

By the way this ain't Hollywood, so don't put high hope on CGI.

Plot Summary....
source :
In the Sengoku era, Kagemitsu Daigo, a power hungry warlord makes a deal for with a group of demons: reign over the known world in exchange for the 48 body parts of his unborn son.

In full accordance with the agreement, the son is born an empty canvas, no arms, legs, eyes, or even facial features — just an empty husk infused with life.

Abandoned for dead, the young boy is found by an old man and master prostheticist, who build him an artificial body and nurtures him to health. Flash forward twenty years.

The young husk has grown to a man. Now known as Hyakkimaru (Satoshi Tsumabuki, Tokyo Drift’s “Exceedingly Handsome Man”), he ventures the land wielding a supernatural blade (cleverly concealed in his left arm), killing demons in order to recover his lost body parts. Along his journey he is joined by a brash and bubbly pickpocket (Kou Shibasaki, Japan Sinks) who dubs herself Dororo (an infant ghost without form).


Movie ended with another 24 demons to be slaved. The adventure continues on next trilogy Dororo 2 & 3.

You can watch DORORO 1 here.... english sub

This is a must see movie. I'm getting the DVD soon. Read review from the same link above.

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